Aggregation Node in SAP HANA Calculation View

Aggregation node in SAP HANA Calculation View Welcome again good folks to the next SAP HANA tutorial where we learn about the humble Aggregation node in SAP HANA. An aggregation node is usually attached to the semantics node by default if you are building a transaction calculation view(This means that the data category CUBE was […]

Graphical Calculation View: Part 2

Graphical Calculation View Nodes – JOIN  Continuing the build of our first graphical calculation view, we repeat the same process for VBAP to be added to Projection 2. Also, some of the fields we need from this table are also selected. At this point, these are two individual tables floating in space with no interaction […]

SQL script complete tutorial – Part 9

SAP HANA SQL script concepts- SQL JOIN, UNION, UNION ALL Welcome to the final installment of this SAP HANA SQL Scripts core concepts section where we learn how to pick up related data from different tables using SQL JOIN. We also learn the concept of combining data sets using the SQL UNION whilst understanding the difference between […]

SQL script complete tutorial – Part 4

Core SAP HANA SQL script concepts- GROUP BY, IN & BETWEEN,ORDER BY Welcome to the fourth installment of this SAP HANA SQL Scripts core concepts section where we try to understand how to use SQL GROUP BY to aggregate rows of data, learn IN and BETWEEN clauses for applying filter with multiple values and also how to […]

Graphical Calculation View: Part 1

Understanding a Graphical Calculation View in SAP HANA Hi everyone and welcome to the most important tutorial in this series where we learn how to create a graphical calculation view. Calculation views form the primary core reporting data model which is developed in SAP HANA. Some of you who have already done some kind of […]

Linking HDB tables to Flat files

Import flat file(CSV) with HDB Table – Table Import Configuration Welcome again to the next tutorial where we learn how to link a CSV file to an HDB table. This is the third and last part of the data load to HANA table tutorial series. This method only works with HDB Tables. Although this is […]

Loading data using INSERT statement into SAP HANA Table

SAP HANA SQL Script INSERT  Welcome to the next tutorial explaining the usage of SAP HANA INSERT statement to insert new records into a HANA Table. This method can be applied on any table, no matter how it was created – Graphically ,by SQL CREATE or HDB Table To start, we need the SQL editor. Click somewhere […]