About The Author

TeachMeHANA Author

My name is Shyam Uthaman and I love to write.

Thank you for wanting to know more about me.

What do I write on?

Some of you might know me from the SAP BW documentation I uploaded back in 2011 on SAP forums. Everyone seemed to love the way there were written. They were not documents on complex hacks but just beginners guides. By 2012, I was more focused on HANA and by the end of the year, I was SAP Certified. Since then, I have worked on multiple BW to BW on HANA migrations, created training materials for BW on HANA and Enterprise HANA for my organization, traveled across seven countries, estimated projects, did solution designs and blueprints for my clients as well.

Lots of hard work along with being at the right place at the right time with the right skills helped.

I love working with people who make my skill set look amusing and there are plenty out there. Rediscovering my flair to write, I decided to start a website again for beginners to have a strong foundation on the skill sets I feel that I am the strongest in, namely:

  1.  SAP Enterprise HANA    
  2.  SQL on SAP HANA       (picked it up on the job while on Enterprise HANA)
  3.  SAP BW4/HANA        (Started as a BW developer and worked on one of the very first BW on HANA migrations and have assisted many ever since)
  4. SAP ABAP for BW          (Stepped into a debugger in once and never looked back)
  5. SAP S4/HANA                (Coming Soon..)

I will be trying to add a tutorial frequently and they will written from scratch and not copied from any websites so that you don’t waste your time digging for information you need. I appreciate your patience and feedback on the Contact Us page.

Be sure to connect with me on my LinkedIn profile 

I would also request you to share these documents on social networks so that the website grows in users and the motivation remains for me to keep writing this while avoiding the temptations of my PlayStation 🙂 .