SQL script complete tutorial – Part 1

Core SAP HANA SQL script concepts- SELECT STATEMENT Welcome to the next series of tutorials on SAP HANA SQL script which will aim at making you comfortable with the SQL side of SAP HANA. Most of us are scared of coding but let me assure you that you can pick it up fairly easily if […]

Loading data using INSERT statement into SAP HANA Table

SAP HANA SQL Script INSERT  Welcome to the next tutorial explaining the usage of SAP HANA INSERT statement to insert new records into a HANA Table. This method can be applied on any table, no matter how it was created – Graphically ,by SQL CREATE or HDB Table To start, we need the SQL editor. Click somewhere […]

HANA SQL Datatypes

SQL Data types

One of the primary concepts of HANA SQL or any other programming language is the data type. In this post, we understand what HANA SQL data types mean with an example