Graphical Calculation View: Part 2

Graphical Calculation View Nodes – JOIN  Continuing the build of our first graphical calculation view, we repeat the same process for VBAP to be added to Projection 2. Also, some of the fields we need from this table are also selected. At this point, these are two individual tables floating in space with no interaction […]

SAP HANA filters in Graphical View: Part 3

Filters:Type 3- SAP HANA Input Parameters Input parameters are the magical underappreciated providers of flexibility in SAP HANA. They are somewhat similar to variables but are available at every node in the view. Input parameters are of great importance and have multiple applications but here we learn how to use it as a dynamic filter at […]

SAP HANA filters in Graphical View: Part 2

Filters:Type 2- SAP HANA Variables Welcome to the second part of the graphical view filters tutorial. In this one, we try to understand how SAP HANA Variables can help us create dynamic filters to allow more flexibility in development. If a dynamic filter needs to be applied after all results have been calculated (top-level filter) , […]

SAP HANA filters in Graphical View: Part 1

Filters:Type 1- SAP HANA Constant Filters SAP standard tables may contain millions of data records and it becomes critical to the report performance that we only pull the data we need from the tables we look at. Without filters in SAP HANA, pulling up excess data can lead to slow reports, put strain on the […]

Graphical Calculation View: Part 1

Understanding a Graphical Calculation View in SAP HANA Hi everyone and welcome to the most important tutorial in this series where we learn how to create a graphical calculation view. Calculation views form the primary core reporting data model which is developed in SAP HANA. Some of you who have already done some kind of […]