SAPUI5 – more insight

SAP maintains a public repository for all information about SAPUI5 – latest features, controls, events, properties etc. You can follow the same by accessing below:

This is available in public domain with no cost access. You may notice few sections on top which are discussed below:


‘Documentation’ includes all information about SAPUI5 in text. Whatever you have learned or going to be is mentioned in text here. It also provides latest versions release information instantly. New changes in Controls or its properties are also mentioned here. You can read it section wise and get complete knowledge.

‘Samples’ includes all the Controls released by SAP as per the latest release. You can Simply search by their names. On Right panel, demoexamples will be shown. Select any one of them –

You can check ‘Source Code’ of a sample by clicking on the right-top icon. Here reference code for views, controllers and other dependent JS files are provided. You may refer code for any control in this way.


So, now you have developed your application but nothing in output.

Ohh!!! What to do ?? How to check errors??

Although SAPUI5 Applications are supported by all browsers for Development purpose, Google Chrome will be used, as it provides easier debugging tools to find errors in the application.

Whenever you find a blank screen in output or unexpected response, press F12 in Google Chrome and leverage debugging feature.

‘Console’ shows all the errors occurred in coding (usually in red)

Output on Portable Devices

Google Chrome has a wonderful feature to see look and feel of your application over Mobile device without actually deploying on Mobile. It enables developers to test application on the mobile environment

On Desktop, Press F12 and click on the highlighted icon as shown. It will reset preview of app according to the device screen. You can select standard Screen Sizes like iPhone6/7, iTab etc. or set customized screen dimensions.

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