Business Objects Analysis for OLAP reporting with HANA – Part 1

In our previous tutorial, we learnt about SAP Business Objects Analysis for Office. Now, we learn about another web based analysis tool called Business Objects “ Analysis for OLAP ”. It is another web based data discovery tool that doesn’t need any application or add on installed on the end user’s device. It just needs a web browser to be accessed from.

Analysis for OLAP reporting Key Points 

Report Complexity: Simple-Medium

Report Users: End Users/Business Users

Report Type: Analysis/Data Discovery

Frequency of use in real-time projects: Medium

Effort to develop: Low-Medium

Calculation View reporting with Analysis for OLAP

To start, open the BI Launchpad. The template URL for this would be

http://<server>:<port(probably 8080)>/BOE/BI

This BI launchpad is key to launching many web based reporting tools in Business Objects. It also houses the folders where we store these reports. The application we need – the Anaysis for OLAP also requires to be opened from this BI launchpad.

Open this URL in your browser by providing the appropriate server and port.

Analysis for OLAP

This would open up the page where you need to provide the Business Objects System details and your username and password. Your SAP Security team would ideally provide you with these details.

Analysis for OLAP The below view shows the BI Launchpad. On the right side of your screen, you can view the applications that came be used in the web mode of this BI Launchpad. Our application, Analysis for OLAP, is marked by the red arrow as shown. Click on it to open.

Analysis for OLAP

This brings up the list of connections available in the BI repository. In real projects, you would have fewer connections. Let’s pick our connection TMH_HANA_CONN. If you are a developer, check with your administrator for the correct connection name. And if you are a learner, you can visit one of our previous tutorials where we learn how to create this connection by clicking here create OLAP connection tutorial

Analysis for OLAP

This brings up the “Open Data Source” window. We’ll switch to the “Folders” tab here.

Analysis for OLAP

This now displays a list of your SAP HANA packages as folders. Expand your package folder to display all the SAP HANA views inside it.

Analysis for OLAP


As seen below, all the views inside the 0TEACHMEHANA package are displayed. Select the view you wish to report on and press OK. In our example, we select the EMPLOYEE calculation view.

Analysis for OLAP

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