SAP HANA Web Based Development Workbench

SAP HANA Web Based Development Workbench Hello all. By this time, you are probably used to the SAP HANA Studio, the eclipse based tool we spoke about and used extensively. But do you know that SAP’s future road map doesn’t contain client tools like HANA Studio? They continue to press on with web based tools […]

Index Server Architecture

SAP HANA In-Memory Computing Engine (IMCE)– Index Server Architecture Welcome to the followup tutorial to the SAP HANA Architecture. Here, we learn about the core of the HANA appliance – The IMCE (In memory computing Engine) or the Index Server. We already learnt in our previous tutorial that the data is contained and processed in […]

SAP HANA Architecture

SAP HANA Architecture Welcome to this foundation tutorial explaining the SAP HANA Architecture in detail. Here, we will understand the different components that make up the SAP HANA appliance. SAP HANA Architecture in blocks SAP HANA is not just a database – it’s an appliance which consists of different servers. Index server is the primary […]

Analytic View

Legacy: SAP HANA Analytic view  Welcome back fellow learners to our SAP HANA Tutorial where we would learn about SAP HANA Analytic View. These are the third type of HANA information views we would be learning after Calculation views and Attribute views which we have gone through already. Note: Analytic views, just like attribute views are […]

Attribute view

Legacy: SAP HANA Attribute view  Welcome folks to the Attribute View in SAP HANA tutorial. In this tutorial, we learn the second type of view that can be created called the attribute view. We have been creating calculation views till now. Note: Attribute views are no longer recommended to be used in development. Calculation views […]

UNION Node in SAP HANA Calculation View

SAP HANA Union node in Calculation view Welcome back to the next in line tutorial on SAP HANA Union node in Calculation view. I hope you already read my tutorial on Unions SQL UNION and have a theoretical understanding of what a UNION is. The funny fact about this UNION node here is that it’s […]

Rank in SAP HANA Calculation View

Rank node in SAP HANA Calculation view Welcome to the next tutorial of this SAP HANA Tutorial series. In this one, we learn how to rank rows and pick up the highest or lowest ranks according to a condition using the Rank function in calculation views. Let’s get into the requirement. In a company XYZ, […]

Aggregation Node in SAP HANA Calculation View

Aggregation node in SAP HANA Calculation View Welcome again good folks to the next SAP HANA tutorial where we learn about the humble Aggregation node in SAP HANA. An aggregation node is usually attached to the semantics node by default if you are building a transaction calculation view(This means that the data category CUBE was […]

Restricted Column

Restricted column in SAP HANA Welcome to the next tutorial in this series where we learn how to work with the concept of Restricted columns in SAP HANA. Just as the name suggests, a restricted column is a user created column that is restricted in it’s output by a condition that we specify. For example, if […]

Calculated Column

Calculated column in SAP HANA If you have made it this far into the tutorial, I commend your will to continue striving to be the best in SAP HANA. This website will continue to focus on teaching you everything that you need to know to be an excellent SAP HANA consultant. Moving on, this tutorial […]