BW Perspective

BW Perspective in the HANA Studio  Welcome, all to the next BW4/HANA tutorial. In this one, we finally get to the tool used to develop BW4/HANA artifacts. Here, we use the SAP HANA Studio in BW Perspective. This is the same tool we use to develop native HANA information views like Calculation views. It would […]

What is SAP BW4/HANA?

What is SAP BW/4HANA? Finally, we start with the actual topic – SAP BW/4HANA. If you have directly landed on this page, I request you to go to our previous tutorial explaining the journey from SAP BW to BW on HANA to the current SAP BW/4HANA version that we have. This tutorial also lists the pre-requisites for […]

What is SAP BW?

Understanding SAP BW Welcome one and all to the newest addition to the TeachMeHANA family – SAPBW/4HANA. We are proudly, one of the first websites to write on this. Let’s press that share button to show some support! Many of you might already be into SAP BW but for the sake of everyone who’s new.. […]