Universe – 2

SAP Business Objects Information design tool with SAP HANA Welcome to part 2 of the SAP Business Objects Information design tool (IDT) tutorial. If you landed on this page directly, please read the Part 1 before continuing further. If you are done with the first part.. read on. Step 2A: SAP Business Objects Information design tool – […]

Universe 1

SAP Business Objects Universe integration with SAP HANA Universes are a middle layer between certain sources (SAP HANA in our case) and some Business objects reporting tools. These are the tools that do not have direct connectivity via standard connections to SAP HANA sources. SAP Web Intelligence is a tool which was highly dependent on […]

Analysis for OLAP Reporting – Part 2

Business Objects OLAP Analysis reporting with SAP HANA – Part 2 Welcome to part-2 of the SAP Business Objects OLAP Analysis tutorial where we continue from Part-1. If you directly landed on this page, please make sure to read the first part by clicking here. If you followed all the steps in the previous part 1 […]

Analysis for OLAP Reporting – Part 1

Business Objects Analysis for OLAP reporting with HANA – Part 1 In our previous tutorial, we learnt about SAP Business Objects Analysis for Office. Now, we learn about another web based analysis tool called Business Objects “ Analysis for OLAP ”. It is another web based data discovery tool that doesn’t need any application or […]

Create SAP business Objects OLAP Connection

SAP Business Objects OLAP Connection Hello everyone and welcome to the next tutorial in this series which prepares you to be a great SAP HANA Consultant. Today, we learn how to create an SAP Business Objects OLAP connection. This is usually an administrator’s task and in all probabilities, if you are a developer would not […]

Analysis for Office

Business Objects Analysis for Office on SAP HANA  Welcome one and all to another reporting on HANA tutorial. Give yourself a pat on your back for making it this far and if you just landed on this page directly from a web search.. congrats anyways.. you managed to find the right key word combination to […]

MS Excel on HANA Reporting

MS Excel on HANA Reporting Welcome to the very first technical tutorial on reporting on HANA. We start off fairly simple. One of the simplest form of reporting most of us would have done is on MS Excel worksheets. There’s usually a tabular data-set on which we can easily create graphs and other analysis as […]

SAP HANA Reporting

SAP HANA Reporting Welcome to the reporting section of TeachMeHANA. The whole reason most database modeling is done is to ensure that a data-set emerges at the end which contains all the relevant information to create a report or any other application on top of it. This SAP HANA reporting section would elaborate how the […]